puerto rico


I question my passion for blogging,but at the end of the road I always seem to come back home. I love fashion and maybe that’s why I said fashion blogger but really, my passion is of the lifestyle. The great eats, future trends, exquisite materials and fabrics, the heels, the lace, the leather, the diamonds, pearls, watches, airplanes, and travels. 

I enjoy working hard to play harder. I believe one should enjoy the simple beauties that everyday brings. I just need to get better at sharing, many times I don’t have time to post pictures and describe whats going on because I’m just waaay too busy taking it all in myself! INDULGENCE OF LIFE. Call it selfish, I call it selfie ;P 

but I do miss you blog and blog babies !!! xxoxoxox 

Gina VI 




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Photos taken in Puerto Rico by Mr. Conde