Well, Hello there…(missed you)

What a discovery upon signing into the Chrome internet browser! All the favorite sites I had once saved on the bookmarks toolbar are right before me. As if I was meant to stumble upon my favs. I did a quick click of some, one of those being my WordPress blog page.

Ha! I didn’t even remember my blog that I so passionately dove into back in 20 12, 13, 14, 15..16 existed ?!

(update) So here we are and so much has gone on since the last post in 2015.  These days are jam packed. I Wake up, make up and push positivley through the Mon-Friday 9 to 5. While the before and after hours of the 9 to 5 is a maze of doing a bit of social media for the online women’s swimwear boutique, ginaviswimtique.com (exciting news!) taking care of my home (cooking and cleaning ;P), boyfriend (&domestic partner <3)  and 3 (needy) dogs, taking care of ME, and also regularly visting and tending  to my sickly bed bound grandma,  prego baby sis, mom, dad, other siblings, friends,  my car and whatever else is out there that needs immediate help on my day to day……(happy huff) o_O

Somethings never change.(ambition)  I’ve thankfully been able to manifest some of the things I dreamt of in the past into a reality. Today I am happy to say that I am the Chief Executive Officer aka CEO 😉 of GINAVI, LLC. I run a women’s swimwear online boutique , GINAVISWIMTIQUE. I am always looking for resources, collaborations and networks that will allow me  to continue to grow my brand on a day to day basis.

(Passion) I have grown so much with every experience I’ve had. In finding my passions I have dabbled in a bit of everything but I must say that alwaysbeing consistent with a theme. The areas of fashion, luxury, trends, structure, policy, consumer satisfaction, logistics, finances, itellectuality and helping other succeed along with me are the things interest me. I will continute to always push for more, more love, more creativity, more possitivity, more money, more networks, never forgeting to include more leisure, more self love, more spreading peace and love.

(Ranting)! Dear blog I’m happy to find you, update you and now stay connected!









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