Back Zipper Crop Top Blouse,  Xmas gift ( See Similar ) ; White Jeans, Express (old pair) ( See Similar );

Belt with Heavy Hardware, Express ( See Similar ); Jewelry by Bar III From Macys – See similar ; Handbag by Olivia + Joy < looove their bags ! Affordable, beautiful and good quality!( See similar )

Pictures By: Ria Michelle

How lucky am I to have quality & designer shops, cafe’s, restaurants and art galleries near my new home? For that reason, this is where it’s at on social Saturday afternoons. Easy Breezy, the only other thing I could possibly ask for is an extra $20k to purchase a few items I’ve had my eyes on. Louis Vuitton, Marni, Celine, Emilio Pucci, Christian Louboutin, Versace Home & Cartier.. Just to mention a few of the spots in the  Design District scene where I like to indulge and begin masterminding budgeting strategies.

I felt completely comfortable and appropriate for the outing, Saturday strolls at Design District, Miami .

Recently, I have been totally obsessing over Royal Blue or how I prefer to call it, Power Blue. It may because I’m from the Magic City, Miami, or maybe because Jay-Z is my favorite rapper, maybe it’s because I’m Cuban, or quite possibly because blue  is simply my favorite color. Either way it’s the one of the colors that I’m currently into as we transition from Winter to Spring. I know most of the nation is still dealing with the polar vortex (sorry) but we are talking about Miami here!

I tend to gravitate towards accessories, handbags and shoes that carry metals, chains and  hardware on them. For me it has something to do with the way the heavy materials feel and look; they’re tough, rustic, edgy, not polished but polished, and hard. Feels of good quality. The perfect match to harden up and add a bit of bad girl edge to any outfit.

This outfit was truly inspired by how I was feeling that day. Hard and edgy but still sexy. Regardless of the turbulent start I had to the day, with a good attitude, I was able to end it fabulously.

Always remember attitude is everything, all the time.  Have a great weekend!




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